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Haiku #354

Bright stars

Can go unnoticed

In a sea of Suns 

*My apologies, I tried to post this last night, but it failed to post! 


Bonus Haiku!!!

-I was late with my haiku tonight! I decided to write three more haiku to appease my guilt. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Blizzard wind
Could be heard loudly
A howling cry

Haiku #185

To steal an hour
From the busy demands
Take a nap

Haiku #180

He said get lost
Run in the woods aimlessly
And you will know

Haiku #172

This Haiku is a bit different. I did a doodle exercise earlier, just a simple, quick doodle as a warm up. After looking at it, I saw a duck with its tongue sticking out. I decided to bring the image to life with pastels. I’m not Monet, but it I’m a fan! Enjoy the process and the Haiku below!




The sly duckling
Patiently waits for momma
To turn her back

Haiku #100

An iced coffee.
Therapeutic energy,
At arm’s reach.

Haiku #86

How freedom reigns! –

The parade is in still on

Ignoring storms.



Happy Independence day!

Today, I decided to play around with some pastels, and this is one piece that I quite liked. It’s pastel on paper. After finishing the image, I decided to create a Haiku to accompany it. Enjoy!

Haiku #76

Primeval flames.

My hot dog, caveman style.

The joy of grilling.

Haiku #71

Baking a quiche.

A mix of egg and bacon.

Pie of happiness.

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