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Category: Nature

Haiku #279

Shall I sway?
Swing softly with the breeze
So I stay strong.


Haiku #225

High expectations
Don’t suit the willow tree
That sways with ease.

Haiku #219

Flat, crushed leaves
Tossed all over the street-
Confetti pavement

Bonus Haiku!

Breezy and cold
Wind kicks up foliage,
An orange veil.

Haiku #208

The mind keeps running
Fall wind stops rushing thoughts
Brain freeze

Haiku #207

Sudden blinding flash!
I walk out into snow
That is premature.

Haiku #202

A lovely tree
Was captured and fixed
With photoshop

Haiku #200

Trust yourself
The oak grows so strong,
No self judgement

Haiku #199

The boring highway

Laughs in yellow and red

Easing the journey

Haiku #196

Wind kicks up
Unfolding umbrellas
With a wet kiss

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