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Category: Love

Haiku #229

Not sure what to do
Lay here and kiss you
Or watch the movie


Bonus Haiku!

Shades of gay
The subtle in-between
Of like and love

Bonus Haiku!

Does a bee judge
A mate by its wingspan
Or how it provides?

Bonus Haiku!

So many fish
Swimming in tainted water
Why bother fishing

Haiku #197


What warmth, fullness brought

From a simple meal.

Bonus Haiku!

A kiss, a taste
Of what could be

Haiku #179

Glorious hugs
A free way to say
I’m here, I care

Haiku #165

Is it true,
Good things come to those
Who wait?

Bonus Haiku!!!

A primal drive stirs
Yelling, drums pounding
Mind on lock

Bonus Haiku!!

I don’t understand
Verbal language barrier
Body language though…..

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