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Category: LGBT

Haiku #234

I can’t hear you
Over the lovely sound
Of your heart


Haiku #229

Not sure what to do
Lay here and kiss you
Or watch the movie

Bonus Haiku!

Shades of gay
The subtle in-between
Of like and love

Bonus Haiku!

Does a bee judge
A mate by its wingspan
Or how it provides?

Haiku #203

I feel so ugly
As I browse perfect bodies
On Grindr.

Bonus Haiku (Ode to Grindr)!!!!!!!!!

He said Hi,

And then sent a picture

Of his mouth.

Bonus Haiku!!!!!!!

You want manly
As you trot down the street
Sweating foundation

Bonus Haiku!!!!!

Date? How?
They are ashamed, hidden
Clustered in bars.

Bonus Haiku!

A kiss, a taste
Of what could be

Bonus Haiku!

Pounding, pineing

Perfect pal possibly

Please propose…

———–No, I’m not getting married!

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