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I’m Getting Slightly Caustic

I’m getting slightly caustic, I think
Venom retorts, a defense constructed
That might be just a bit too good
A reliance on my heart and mind
Mediated by emotion
Malleable emotion
Which shifts like sand dunes
As my energy depletes
Which is yet another reminder
For self-care



I feel a rumbling
A quiet churning of the topsoil
Slight shifting in my soul
Nothing drastic, but just enough
To make me take pause
And wonder humbly
If I can hold what comes next
The sorrows and the joys
Multitudes of stones thrown and felt
Since a basket, once filled
Isn’t quite so useful
So I study, apply and critique my craft
An awkward beginning stage
That the healing arts bring about
And I feel a rumbling
In my tired yet hungry mind
That vibrates with the heart and spirit
That I’m enough, and I’m plenty
So bring it on

Bonus Haiku!!!

He said to draw
To write, dance, create healing
But how?

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