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Category: Catku

Haiku #285

A knitted mat
A strip of time and love
For a thankful cat.



Haiku #267

A cat sits
Feeling fulfilled, whole
In the moment

Haiku #228

A cat curls up
Happy, present and calm-
Role model

Haiku #220

A happy cat
Like the frozen air
Licks my face

Haiku #171

The cat demands play

And then craves the window

Alone, not lonely

Haiku #164

A cat greets me
In the throws of a nap
To take hers

Haiku #146

She climbs up

ready to share the weight

shoulder cat

Haiku #142

Cat and Gay:

Surprisingly good hunters –

She spots, I swat.

Haiku # 13

What is happiness?

Is it created or found?

My cat naps often.


Haiku #10

Cat on my back.

Like wind, unfazed and wild,

Demands attention

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