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Category: american poetry


I feel a rumbling
A quiet churning of the topsoil
Slight shifting in my soul
Nothing drastic, but just enough
To make me take pause
And wonder humbly
If I can hold what comes next
The sorrows and the joys
Multitudes of stones thrown and felt
Since a basket, once filled
Isn’t quite so useful
So I study, apply and critique my craft
An awkward beginning stage
That the healing arts bring about
And I feel a rumbling
In my tired yet hungry mind
That vibrates with the heart and spirit
That I’m enough, and I’m plenty
So bring it on


Haiku #205 (Happy Halloween!)

A timid voice

Hidden behind a mask

Hopes for chocolate

Haiku #191

Tired but happy

Although the days are shorter

They are still so full!

Haiku #184

These roots can’t drink

All the water in the earth

Without bursting

Haiku #183

A quick prayer

Swift, silent movement above –

Whirling winds

Haiku #176

A muddy pit

With cars, parking lots

Crafted by crayon

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