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Month: March, 2015

Haiku #356

Three truths:

My truth, your truth and



Haiku #355

A bombardment 

That overwhelms thought

Stops with a breath

Haiku #354

Bright stars

Can go unnoticed

In a sea of Suns 

*My apologies, I tried to post this last night, but it failed to post! 

Haiku #353

More snow fell

Blanketing a crocus

That fought frost

Haiku #352


Clears the mind, leaving

Cloudless sky

Haiku #351

My pulse rises

As he lowers his gaze,

Warming the mid-space 

Haiku #350

Strong sunlight 

Warms the ground

For a crocus. 

Haiku #349

Banging your head

Leaves a mark

As a reminder. 

Haiku #348

Tell me, 

What makes your float

On air, cloud?

Haiku #347

Cold still prevails

As spring sunlight fights

For its turn. 

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