Gay Does Art

An expressive therapy student, creating art just because.

Month: February, 2015

Haiku #325

Cloaked in weight

My head falls, connecting

With the pillow


Haiku #324

Inner wisdom

Can be more reliable

Than you think

Haiku #323

A heart thumps

Pulsing with life

Drumming for joy

Haiku #322

A snappy retort

Could come from anger, 

Veiled jealousy. 

Haiku #321

A snowy prayer  

From up above

Grants a day off

Haiku #320

I slay dragons!
Both digital and real,
Sadness roars too.

Haiku #319

When cutting costs
Be mindful to keep
Some simple joys

Haiku #318

It sits, mocking,
Spewing negativity,
Inhaling it back.

Haiku #317

When it’s so cold
The air itself freezes,
Cutting into jackets.

Haiku #316

Ice that creaks
It cracks, splinters
But remains whole

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