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Month: January, 2015

Haiku #297

A tear shows depth,
Deep sorrow, anguish.
And deep love.


Haiku #296

A elm branch
Can be great support
If you grab it

Haiku #295

Find support!
Lean against a tree
And be held up.

Haiku #294

Slow snow driving
Isn’t bad when surrounded
With such beauty

Haiku #293

A powder blanket
That wraps the land in
Cold lethargy

Bonus Haiku!!!

-I was late with my haiku tonight! I decided to write three more haiku to appease my guilt. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Blizzard wind
Could be heard loudly
A howling cry

Bonus Haiku!!

You see snowdrifts.
Perhaps a child sees
A cozy igloo.

Bonus Haiku!

The mind races;
Sending worried thoughts to
neural racetracks

Haiku #292

Gusts clear the roof
Sending glittering snow
Onto the driveway

Haiku #291

The frosty wind
Does nothing to cool down
An inner fire

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