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An expressive therapy student, creating art just because.

Month: December, 2014

Haiku #266

The cold wind
Pauses for just a moment
To gather strength


Haiku #265

A quickening,
As the rabbit rouse
To a challenge

Haiku #264

Time is sand
Which pours slow and steady
Though all our hands

Haiku #263

Gentle rolling sky
Please, tell us the secret
Of infinity

Bonus Haiku!

Physical contact
Is not necessary
To touch a life

Haiku #262

They fly freely!
No grudges weigh birds down;
Light heart and mind.

Haiku #261

Like Phoenix fire
My heart burns, unyielding,
With passion, love

Haiku #260

Soft excitement,
How the older you get,
Christmas means more

Haiku #259

A loud affair
When family comes together
For “peace on earth”

Haiku #258

Loops that bind
Twisting, they lengthen
Into a scarf

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