Gay Does Art

An expressive therapy student, creating art just because.

Month: November, 2014

Haiku #235

A warm meal
Can be fresh salad
With friends


Haiku #234

I can’t hear you
Over the lovely sound
Of your heart

Haiku #233

Snow on a car
Can be a hassle or
Five minute gained

Haiku #232

Grateful for rain
Birds peck the soil-
Thanksgiving feast

Bonus Haiku!

To me, a puddle
To you, a lake
To kids, an ocean

Haiku #231

Cold, sleek rain
Can’t drown out the sound
Of cheering students

Haiku #230

I saw a flame
Hearts fiercely fighting
While buildings burn.

Haiku #229

Not sure what to do
Lay here and kiss you
Or watch the movie

Haiku #228

A cat curls up
Happy, present and calm-
Role model

Haiku #227

Beer can be fickle
At first, pungent, bitter
Then warm

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