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Month: October, 2014

Haiku #205 (Happy Halloween!)

A timid voice

Hidden behind a mask

Hopes for chocolate


Haiku# 204

Sunset, a goodbye,
Sure to return tomorrow,
World keeps turning.

Bonus Haiku!!

A tanged trail
The beauty of challenges
Path of thorns

Bonus Haiku!

So many fish
Swimming in tainted water
Why bother fishing

Haiku #203

I feel so ugly
As I browse perfect bodies
On Grindr.

Haiku #202

A lovely tree
Was captured and fixed
With photoshop

Haiku #201

Respect you?
As you drunkenly fall.
Respect yourself.

Haiku #200

Trust yourself
The oak grows so strong,
No self judgement

Haiku #199

The boring highway

Laughs in yellow and red

Easing the journey

Haiku #198

A tantrum
Yes, rage and fury, but
Also desperate

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