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Month: September, 2014

Haiku #174

Knowing glances
Can say way more
Then words do


Haiku #173

An ocean wave

A sea of tired faces

Ready to crash

Haiku #172

This Haiku is a bit different. I did a doodle exercise earlier, just a simple, quick doodle as a warm up. After looking at it, I saw a duck with its tongue sticking out. I decided to bring the image to life with pastels. I’m not Monet, but it I’m a fan! Enjoy the process and the Haiku below!




The sly duckling
Patiently waits for momma
To turn her back

Haiku #171

The cat demands play

And then craves the window

Alone, not lonely

Haiku #170

A mighty lion

Can be feroucious

And quiet too.

Haiku #169

The vast ocean
Although choppy and quick
Still supports life

Haiku #168

Slowly sinking

This ship can’t sail

On quicksand

Bonus Haiku!!!

He said to draw
To write, dance, create healing
But how?

Bonus Haiku!!

A heart pours out
Threatening to overflow
A new cup

Bonus Haiku!

Like catching air.
How do you hold
Something that’s taken?

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