I Need It

by swmedjr

I need it and I need it now

She said

Curing her lips

Squinting her eyes

Ready for war

It’s never right and I’m quite busy, ya know

She said

Absentmindedly, but directly

Expecting to be screwed before it happens

As I prepared it for her

Dose by dose

The sunlight shined on her nametag

Debbie, is it?

As mine went ignored

Measured breath broke my thoughts


The tapping of acrylic nails on faux marble

The sense of obvious demand

I need it and I need it now

She said

Once more with feeling

Or her equivilant

As I put the cap on

And passed it to her

With a smile

As she clawed it

How interesting

I thought

As she sauntered away

That I live in a place where

We judge others

Call them weak

Poor dumb bastards

And then we need a coffee

To survive the day