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Month: August, 2014

Bonus Haiku!

baby’s breath –
fragrant flowers, cooing kid
both are milky sweet


Haiku #144

You suffer so much!

And for what? For who?

Punish yourself?

Haiku #143

Quiet? How?

Chirping crickets, fan hums,

you breathe, it beats.

Haiku #142

Cat and Gay:

Surprisingly good hunters –

She spots, I swat.

Haiku #141

I saw blue

Pastel blues mixed with navy

Which one is sky blue?

Haiku #140

Fighting the monster

the voice that says “you can’t”

gets ever quieter

Haiku #139

ladybug lands down

right as I sneeze –

summer bugs

Haiku #138

A walk, a kiss

a slight buzz, damp warmth –

flash thunderstorm

Haiku #137

A cat runs

gleefully though grass –

Who let her out?!

Haiku #15

Boredom, what to do?

Same thing, day after day, so on.

What am I missing?

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