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An expressive therapy student, creating art just because.

Month: July, 2014

Haiku #112

A breeze passes through
Bringing energy, motion.
An Elm starts talking.


Haiku #111

I brought a bird.
Silly human, learn to hunt.
Where’s my Meow Mix?

Haiku #110

The daily grind.
From a humble barista
to nine to fiver.

Haiku #109

Why torture yourself?
Even a willow branch snaps,
With enough pressure.

Haiku #108

Plotting my course
While on the sea of life.
Factor in icebergs.

Haiku #107

Just keep walking now!
I see a pinhole of light.
It’s getting bigger.

Haiku #106

Do not lose hope now.
There is still time left for growth.
Lesson from Basil.

Haiku #105

It moves so slowly.
Creeping, gently, quietly.
Never faltering.

Haiku #104

Balmy summer’s eve.
A cat on cold stone
Knows to relax.

Haiku #103

I didn’t write well.
Maybe tomorrow.

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