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Haiku #365

The following haiku marks the “conclusion” of my haiku a day, for a year, challenge. I am going to keep posting haiku daily, particularly because I find it really helpful as a journaling practice. 

I encourage everyone to try a 30 day writing challenge, and then, perhaps commit to a yearlong practice. Five minutes is all it takes to create something worthwhile, if not beautiful. 

Thank you for reading, liking and/or following my blog! 

A ritual

A rite of self-healing

A haiku a day


Haiku #364

Instead of flaws

Start looking for beauty

It’s much easier. 

Haiku #363

When with couples, 

How very strange

That I feel lonely.

Haiku #362

Road sand lingers,

Reminants of blizzards,

Mountains to dust.

Haiku #361

Why not write?

When dust turns to dust,

Words will remain.

Haiku #360

A tree blooms,

Shedding sapling status

With petaled braches 

Haiku #359

Tierd eyes close

Preventing the mind

From overload

Haiku #358

So soar, bird!

You got permission to fly,

To touch clouds

Haiku #357

A train goes

Leaving passengers


Haiku #356

Three truths:

My truth, your truth and


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